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Engram, concertina artist's book with etching and collagraph by Louisa Boyd

Engram – 2014 – Three of the edition

Stardust, concertina book with screen print and etching by Louisa Boyd

Stardust – 2013 – Three of the edition

Engram – 2014

Concertina book with etching on Somerset paper, hand-coloured with watercolour, collagraph end papers, hand-tooled book cloth cover. Closed – 8cm x 5cm x 1cm Open – 8cm x 30cm

Edition of 15

The concept for the piece is based on the idea that we, as individuals, impact those around us as we progress through our lives. The circular motifs and dots, some of which are coloured, larger and more prominent, represent how different people have a greater or lesser influence on our own existence. By meeting and sharing time with these people, they alter our perspective on the world around us, and in some cases change the very fabric of our individuality. Engram is an etched concertina book, hand finished with watercolour paint. The book has collagraph printed end papers, with a book cloth cover and hand tooled lettering. The book is part of a series of pieces exploring place and ideas around mapping both physical and emotional space. This piece depicts a memory trace, an engram, and uses processes to support its meaning such as etching and blind tooling, techniques that leave permanent marks on surfaces as experience does on individuals.

Stardust – 2013 

Concertina book with leather, oil-based ink, Somerset paper, micro-fibre suede, Magnani handmade ivory wove paper, metal leaf, pencil crayon. Closed – 7cm x 4.5cm x 1cm Open – 42cm x 7cm

Edition of 20

“Stardust” contemplates the place of the human within the physical world. The figure is positioned at the edge of the concertina book and looks out towards a vast landscape that itself is dwarfed by an even more vast depiction of the sky. The night sky extends onto the end papers of the book, here displayed using an alternative media of etching rather than the internal page’s screen print. The holes punched from the paper allow the extension of the piece beyond its physical confines once opened for display and lit from an angle, further alluding to the conceptual aspect of the book.

Multifaceted, a double sided concertina book with etching by Louisa Boyd

Multifaceted II – Open










Multifaceted I and II – 2014

Double sided concertina books with etched pages, leather covers with etched endpapers, secured with a tooled paper band. Closed – 10cm x 5cm x 1cm Open – 9cm x 51cm

Edition of 4

“Multifaceted” is a concertina artist’s book designed to be viewed from four different angles. The piece is part of a group of works that deal with the concept of perspective and illustrate the way people can see the same situation from different viewpoints. The interior pages are not attached to the cover, allowing the piece to be read in four different directions. The word “facet” is tooled on the interior pages four times, offering the audience a clue as to how the book should be read. Displayed statically, the viewer should circle the piece in order to view each facet. There are two versions of Multifaceted, each with an edition of four.

The Mapping Series, sculptural books with etching by Louisa Boyd

The Mapping Series – 2014

Sculptural paper manipulation books by Louisa Boyd

The Paper Manipulation Series – 2013

The Mapping Series – 2014

Book sculptures, bound with etched pages in box frames. 28.5cm x 28.5cm each

Original works

“The Mapping Series” is a group of three dimensional book sculptures that depict geographical forms and use etched imagery to suggest abstract map motifs. This series of works belongs to a group that explores ideas around mapping both physical and emotional space.













The Paper Manipulation Series – 2013

Book sculpture, bound Magnani handmade white wove paper, in display case.

Flare – 20cm x 20cm x 15cm

Pleat -19cm x 25cm x 13cm

Whorl -17cm x 15cm x 19cm

Original works

The Paper Manipulation Series explore a combination of adapted traditional bookbinding techniques with cut and folded paper to develop sculptural forms. The sculptures rely on techniques such as Japanese stab bindings, concertina book structures, and multiple signature bindings to create their form. Fundamentally, the pieces in this series all consider the transition from paper as a two dimensional surface to a three dimensional object. They are exploratory studies of the properties of paper and aim to push the boundaries of the material by using cutting and folding techniques. At the same time, the pieces aim to show the versatility of the medium. The absence of additional materials allows that which is often reduced to a support to take the centre stage.


Cartography, turkish map fold book with etching by Louisa Boyd

Cartography – 2014 – Open


Cartography II – 2014

Turkish map-fold book with etched pages and collagraph end papers. Blind tooled leather cover. Closed – diameter 12.5cm, depth 2.5cm Open – 12.5cm x 25.5cm x 10cm

Edition of 3

Cartography II is an etched book, bound using a Turkish map-fold structure with a hand tooled leather cover. It uses abstract imagery to evoke ideas of mapping and is part of a series of works that explore ideas of human existence and a sense of place through symbols and technique. Mapping is used as a way of making sense of our environment and this piece considers this on both a physical and emotional level. It uses the book structure, the imagery and the method of making marks to allude to its meaning. The piece includes three internal folded pages, featuring an etching printed onto Somerset paper on each page. These pages can be opened flat to be viewed individually, or the book may be viewed as a sculpture. The end papers are collagraphs printed with oil based inks onto Magnani paper, with a brown leather cover featuring the title of the book, blind embossed.

Passenger, tunnel book with wood engraving and relief print by Louisa Boyd

Passenger – 2015 – Front View

Passenger – 2015

Tunnel book with titled, leather, wrap around cover, wood engraving printed in oil based inks onto Magnani paper, relief printed end papers, with carbon titled paper band. Open – 8cm x 20cm x 7cm

Edition of 16

Open – 8cm x 20cm x 7cm

Passenger is an artists’ book that explores the theme of human existence and mortality. The use of the tunnel book format and imagery alludes to the passage of life and the title suggests that we are carried, to some extent, on our journey through this. The piece is from a series of works that consider the journey of the human soul and attempt to define perspectives on transcendence through the use of symbols, techniques and materials. The scale and nature of the book encourages an intimate, personal response from its audience.