Polyhedral Globe – etching
Moments Pass, watercolour, 38 x 56cm
Minimalist watercolour in situ
Celestial Frost 40cm diameter
Navigation #2, etching, 30 x 25cm
Large scale commissioned Solstice Series piece in situ
Be-Longing – acrylic on canvas – 86cm x 106cm
Cartography I – artist’s book
Paper – artist’s book
Elements Ascending and Whorl in situ
Ordered Elements – paper sculpture with etching and marbled paper
Occultation #1 – two plate copper etching, varied edition
London Art Fair, Encounters 2023
Terranova – screen print with metal leaf
Pyroclastic and Terrafirma in situ
Cartology, etching, 20 x 15cm
Autun Glow – 40cm diameter
Etching prints in situ
Occultation #4 – two plate copper etching, varied edition
The Furrows Lighten, acrylic on board, 20cm diameter
Linear Landscapes in situ
Through to Dusk, watercolour, 38cm x 56cm
The Promise of Thunder – 20cm diameter
Watercolours in situ
Towards the Sun, watercolour, 50 x 70cm
Polychromatic Flare – etching and marbled paper
Copper Air, acrylic and ink on canvas, 40 x 100cm
Topography #2, etching, 30 x 25cm