Louisa Boyd is a multidisciplinary artist who works with paint, print and sculpture. Louisa has worked as a professional artist for over twenty years, exhibiting both nationally and internationally. Her pieces are included in public and private collections worldwide and she is recognised regularly through prestigious juried exhibitions. Recent exhibition highlights include: London Art Fair Encounters (2023), Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (2023, 2019, 2017 and 2014), Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair (2022, 2021, 2019, 2018), New Light Prize Exhibition (2020/2021) and the Flourish Award Exhibition (2020/2021) where she was awarded the Great Art Prize. She has an been invited this year to show work at Escher in the Palace in The Netherlands where she will have a sculptural work on show alongside works by Damian Hirst, Chris Ofili, Alexander McQueen and Escher himself for their show celebrating 125 years since Escher’s birth, Just Like Escher. She has also been awarded a scholarship from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust in 2023 for developing her printmaking practice.


My work centres around the persistent human desire to belong within the natural world. I consider environment and how we navigate place in my pieces. My work features celestial symbols, sacred geometry, natural landmarks and map-like imagery to describe a sense of belonging. 

My depictions of the landscape begin with mindful walking through the Cheshire countryside and on my return to the studio, I use loose, gestural markmaking techniques in paint to describe the essence of the environment. The outcomes are not intended to be of somewhere specific, but instead illustrate the nostalgic feeling of a place; the sense of belonging that comes with recognisable natural forms and landmarks, helping us to recognise our home. In my landscape works, I am looking to capture the influences that the ever-changing light, seasons and weather have on the natural world in watercolours and acrylic paints; depicting shifting, fleeting moments in time to create ethereal landscape paintings.

My prints and sculptural works consider belonging from a more abstract perspective and are inspired by cartography, both celestial and terrestrial. The forms used rely on sacred geometry for their structure using the elements of mathematics that underpin the fabric of the world we exist within. By layering abstract, drawn imagery made with traditional drawing tools and printmaking processes with more abstract painterly marks, the outcomes are a visual fusion of historic and contemporary ideas.